How Well Do You Know

How Well Do You Know

Test your knowledge with these questions by PYer!

Before Repl Talk, what was the forum called?

Who was given the Top Creator title for 2019?

Who won the first competition with a Brute Force Password Cracker?

Which user only had 1 day to celebrate having the most cycles?

Which website powers the feedback and bug boards?

What is Tim Chen's username?

Who coded the famous WebGL Rolling Sky?

Who has the recognizable animated cactus profile picture?

Who posted a tutorial on making cycles?

Who created a template template?

Who made the first mobile app?

Who built 10+ site wide dark themes?

What was the blog post title that introduced the blog page?

What is the name used to describe running GitHub repositries or

Who designed's famous logo? (Replit Username)

Who has the recognizable cookie profile picture?

Which user has been in second place for too long (behind CyanCoding and mat1), created this quiz here, and has changed their PFP way too often.

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